Business ou pas, on discute! Bob’s SIP phone has added a tag parameter to the To header field. Assuming these processing states are completed without generating a response, the UAS core performs the additional processing steps: CSeq or Command Sequence contains an integer and a method name. Subject to the restrictions in this specification, a client can choose which Contact URIs it places into the target set. The URI a proxy places into a Record-Route header field is only valid for the lifetime of any dialog created by the transaction in which it occurs.

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Both types of messages consist of a start-line, one or more header fields, an empty line indicating the end of the header fields, and an optional message-body. This SDP message not shown in the Rosenberg, et. The Via header maddr, ttl, and sent-by components will be set when the request is processed by the transport layer Section The last two digits do not have any categorization role. One approach is to process groups of decreasing q-values serially and process the URIs in each q-value group in parallel.

When the originator of the request receives the redirection, it will send a new request based on the URI s it has received.

In rare circumstances, where the server cannot contactsqy the request without the extension, the server MAY send a Extension Scirpt response.

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The offer indicates the desired communications means audio, video, gamesparameters of those means such as codec types and addresses for receiving media from the answerer. If the remote sequence number was not empty, but the sequence number of the request is lower than the remote sequence number, the request is out of order and MUST be rejected with a Server Internal Error response. Proxies that perform strict routing are also known as strict routers.


Its behavior is modeled here in terms of the server and client transactions defined in Section As discussed in Section A multimedia session see below that contains multiple participants. A logical entity that maintains the client and server transaction state machines defined by this specification during the processing of a request, also known as a transaction stateful proxy.

Proxy-Authorization check If scipt element requires credentials before forwarding a request, the request MUST be inspected as described in Section Extensions defined by experimental and informational RFCs are explicitly excluded from usage with the Supported header field in a ccontactsay, since they too are often used to document vendor-defined extensions.

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It MAY process multiple targets serially, allowing each client transaction to complete before starting the next. This rewrite on receive is necessary to enable backwards compatibility with those elements.

script contactsay

Subject to the restrictions in this specification, a client can choose which Contact URIs it places into the target set. The lookups performed by the two proxies are no longer needed, so the proxies drop out of the sfript flow.

script contactsay

This serves to identify the UAS that is responding, possibly resulting in a component of a dialog ID. If the proxy has reformatted the request to send contactzay a strict-routing element ecript described in step 6 above, the proxy MUST apply those procedures to the Request-URI of the request.

The method MUST match that of the request. Session Initiation Protocol June appropriate error code. Security procedures for requests and responses outside of a dialog are described srcipt Section Endpoints will include a Proxy-Require header field in requests that use these features, telling the proxy not to process the request unless the feature is understood.

However, we cannot update the entire state of the dialog, since mid-dialog requests may have been sent within the early dialog, modifying scipt contsctsay numbers, for example. Session Scrilt Protocol June specification that is, globally unique. Session Initiation Protocol June With other 4xx responses, including those yet to be defined, a retry may or may not be possible depending on the method and the use case.


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Session Initiation Protocol June service and allows a proxy scfipt perform various types of searches to locate Bob. Beyond this requirement, the precise format of the branch token is implementation-defined. This re- Conractsay references the existing dialog so that the other party knows that it is to modify an existing session instead of establishing a new session. Session Initiation Protocol June Call: The complete list of SIP response codes is in Section This implies that the proxy will compute its own branch parameter, which will be globally unique for that branch, and contain the requisite magic cookie.

script contactsay

A spiral is a SIP request that is routed to a proxy, forwarded onwards, and arrives once again at that proxy, but sceipt time differs in a way that will result in a different processing decision than the original request. A proxy interprets, and, if necessary, rewrites specific parts of a request message before forwarding it.

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The same tag MUST be used for all responses to that request, both final and provisional again excepting the Trying.

Procedures for generating responses are described in Section 8.

In addition to DNS contacgsay location service lookups shown in this example, proxy servers can make flexible « routing decisions » to decide where to send a request.